Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Fun Weekend

We finally have our little family back together!
Ashlee returned home from her Tulsa, Oklahoma mission on Friday and although she will miss all the friends she made out there . . . We are SOOO happy to have her home!
Airport Pickup!

The Family (minus Eric and Kassi who were taking care of Molly)
Cydnee, Ben, Ashlee, Mike, and Becca


Ashlee putting the last sticker on her countdown!!!

Eric and Ashlee
Lovell Clan
Brooke and Sean
Ashlee's cute 1st Companion/Trainer came from Vegas!

Johnson Clan
Johnson Girls (minus Kassi and Molly)
Our cute Family (almost all of us!)
Nate, Suzanne, & Cute Little Lily
Ben & Cydnee
Mike and I with our Cute Grandparents!

It was a great weekend and we were able to spend time with a lot of family we don't see enough. Molly post to come next time!

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