Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving, Working, Playing, and Mission Calls

This has been a very busy month. Moving, working, playing and mission calls who could ask for more? Mike and I have both been working overtime and barely had time to fit in a move, let alone enjoy our new home. We were lucky enough to finally get into our new home and we've been so busy that i haven't even had time to take an updated picture. Melna and Grandma Deanie have been helping get everything unpacked, organized and hung up. They have been a great help but i was really excited for my family to come down and take the moving stress off and just play!! Katie and Brandon came and stayed one night with us on their way to Vegas and Bradon took a bullet for the rest the guests coming the next day. While he was showering our tub faucet blew off and hit him in the knee. SORRY BRANDON! The next day all of my family came and stayed and we were able to just play and relax. That night after they left and the air mattresses where deflated we where able to bring Mike's poker table in and host the first IBACH poker night. At about 1:00am we got the cops called on us! But not for what you are all thinking! Shame on all of you!
We caught a horse running toward the freeway and ended up holding it in our backyard until the cops showed up to take it away. Luckily the officer was nice enough to take our picture. So we will never forget the night the poker table was broken in! Our crazy month and then this weekend to even things
out, Ben got his
mission call to Long Beach, CA and he will be spanish speaking. YEAH!! We are so excited and proud of him.

What a fun month.