Thursday, May 28, 2009


It's been FOREVER since I updated so here are a few pics to catch up . . .


Our friends Dave and Jodi got married in the middle of the Las Vegas Marathon. It was pretty hilarious with all of the Elvis' that got married with them. They had a part sectioned off half way through the marathon where the people getting married stopped. They all got married at the exact same time by one officiant. Then they started running again and finished the marathon. Dave and Jodi have been running marathons together for a while so it was the perfect way for them to get hitched! It was unusual but a very fun VEGAS trip!! It was fun to watch them get married even though we barely made it after playing all night before!

Notice Elvis behind them!!

Next we came back to St. George for their reception. It was so pretty and Jodi looked amazing in her dress. I never thought I would see my firefighting friend dressed up but she looked great!

Becca and Jodi

Becca and Shawna

Jason, Mike and Corey . . Cheesy but at least it's a cute smile on Mike!! Usually he gives me a grumpy look when I try to take pictures.

Corey and Shawna on their FAKE date since neither of their others could be there!

The Boys and Shawna

Me and My Cute Boy!

The happy Marathon Running couple!