Monday, February 4, 2008

2 Weeks and Counting

Here are the most recent pictures from this weekend. They have the carpet, toilets, electrical fixtures, ballisters,some landscaping, and a little bit of the roof left. Writing it out it seems like so much left but when i went there this weekend it felt like they should be able to finish it relatively soon. Mike wasn't able to come out so he is left wondering how all our of "picks" our coming together.

I was kind of worried about the cabinet color but i am really glad we chose the color we did. Mike better get working on his poker table or he will be disappointed to not have it finished when we move in. Mike was rooting for the patriots this weekend during the superbowl and got it pretty bad from all his friends when they lost.

I was able to spend superbowl sunday with my favorite godkids. Here is a picture of Spencer Swede Epslin. Our new god son! He is so cute and i was able to go watch his birth so that was very special. He was born January 29th at 3:23 am and was 8lbs and 21" long.

Yesterday it snowed here! More than i have ever seen it snow in St. George (I guess it might tie with our wedding weekend) and it was even still here in the morning!! It reminds me how lucky i am to live where it hardly ever snows! i hate snow!!