Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We put in our 30 Days!

Well we finally put in our 30 days and hopefully we will really be in at the end of those 30 days! Otherwise we will be moving all our stuff into Ibach's garage (what we haven't taken already) and then staying there until it's done. Which would be fine except moving all our stuff twice. Here is a picture that was taken about 2 weeks ago. Since this picture the windows and floors are in and they have started stuccoing the outside.
That's really all our news but if you can't tell I am getting super excited about our house!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ibachs not Ibach

Okay so i know i shouldn't post all my things on the same day but i'm at work waiting for a dvd to burn and had some time. Well i went to check out my new blogspot and see if i did it right. i went to which is very much not me!! so remeber we're the IBACHS with an S or you could end up at a very different spot!!

Ava Shae

I know it's probably really lame to post pictures of your friends kids but look at her! We freakin love this little girl!!

Mike and I do not have any kids but we love all of our friends kids. My best friend Lyndsie recently named Mike and I godparents to her little daughter Ava Shae. We love her to death and she loves Mike. Whenever I go over to see her without him she justs keeps asking for him! He is really cute with her, it will be fun to see him with his own kids one day.

How Do I Do This?

This is a new thing for me so it might take me a few times to get the hang of it!! After seeing Katie's page I thought I better try it. Her page is so cute and by clicking on a few of her friends I was able to see other family members blogs. What a great way to catch up with everyone.

Mike and I have been busy trying to get everything packed for our move. Our townhome should hopefully be done within the next 30 days. We are so excited to finally be getting into our own place and not renting anymore. Mike and his friends have decided to turn our basement into a bachelor pad. Complete with a poker table that him and his friends are making. I wasn't to sure about this at first but he has some cool ideas and with his mom's touch it actually will be a well decorated bachelor pad!! Hopefully some of you will be able to visit us in our new home soon!!

Here's the newest family picture. We were able to all get together for dad's birthday and take a long awaited family picture. We haven't had one done since I was a freshman in high school.

That's pretty much all of our news between work and packing (and football playoffs) we haven't been doing a lot else. It was fun to see a lot of our family at Lindsay's wedding and hope to see everyone again real soon. Love ya lots - Ibachs