Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ben Ben Ben

My baby brother flew to Long Beach on Tuesday. He is officially on his mission. I haven't even posted his farewell MTC pics yet so i decided i better start with those!! He looks so great in his suit and I am so excited for him but that doesn't mean I won't miss him. The day he went to the MTC Mike had to work so I decided to drive up and back in one day. . . I think I am getting to old for that! It was fun to see a lot of family and friends there it's always so much fun to get together and catch up. I love this blog thing because it makes me feel like I can actually keep in touch with everyone! Even if I am not the best at posting it's always fun to see everyone else's. Maybe when I have kids it will be better. . .

Ben with his girlfriend Lanie. I don't think she is "waiting" for him but it sure would be fun if she was available when he got home. She is a lot of fun.

The family before our final MTC goodbyes. I know it's only 2 years but man it is hard to see them walk through that door. Kassi was taking the picture. I think we got there to late to find anyone to get a whole group shot. At least I couldn't find one on my camera.

We were lucky enough to have my grandma and grandpa Johnson there. I know that meant a lot to Ben.

Ben with Grandma Lovell and Uncle Richard. We had so much family show up it was really fun to get to visit with everyone.

Tim • Grandpa • Dell - My Johnson Guys • They definitely remind me of my dad.

We tried to get a family shot that wasn't in front of my mom's fireplace but the sun was so bright i don't know if it had the effect we were going for.

Eric and Kassi - What a Cute Couple

My aunt Lois makes such a cute grandma!

Kory • Brooke • Braydee

You can see where I get my GREAT sense of style!!

What a fun week this was. I can't wait for the HOMECOMING pictures!!