Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us

So Mike and I have birthdays 8 days apart so we are able to celebrate with one big birthday bash!! Thanks everyone that helped us celebrate. It was really a great weekend! Here's some random pics of our fun night!
Unfortunately this is the only picture I actually got of the two of us! Oh well. . next time maybe I can get him to smile!
Me and Longtime Friend Missi.
Mike, Corey and Mike's Dad. See Mike can smile!!
Meggan, Shawna, and Missi
I even got Mike to sing american idol!! Go Honey You Rock! My Roomies for Life Lisa and Missi!
Corey and Katie. You can tell he's one of Mike's good friends because neither of them know how to smile!Jodi, Meggan, and Becca - Having a good time.
Lisa and Becca - We are starting to wind down!! We don't stop playing until it's absolutely impossible to go on!! Thanks everyone for a perfect birthday bash. and thanks to my wonderful husband for my new camera so I can actually take pictures and start blogging again!! Yeah for Mike! I know that I didn't get everyone sorry but we were to busy playing! Hey they even let Mike win at Poker!! J/K Honey I know that you won on your own:)