Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ben's Home!

My baby brother's finally home! YAY!

We were able to meet Ben and the airport and welcome him home from a great 2 years. Way to go Ben we are so proud of you but happy to have you home!

Lookin Good! All Nice and Tan!

Ben with his Spanish and Somoan (or maybe Tongan??) nametags.

So excited to see my little brother . . . even though he's not so little anymore!

The Johnson Boys are Back!

They were ready to go home but I made them take one more pic at the gas station before we parted ways. They promised they would take a better one of the two of them at home but we will see . . . they were both pretty tired.

Group shot of Grandpa and Grandma's before all going our separate ways.
So glad to have you home Ben.
6 more months and we will have Ashlee back too and can really party!

To try to take a picture in Delta with no wind is pretty impossible . . . so this is what ya get!

It's also pretty hard to get a banner down in the wind!

What a good looking group of Return Missionaries!

Me and the Grandparents. Love them.

Ben's welcome home was on Father's Day. What a great present for him to give dad and grandpa:)

Fun week(end) with my awesome family! Love you guys!