Monday, November 29, 2010

Very Thankful for Thanksgiving

the girls
waiting at trax on our way to the Jazz/Lakers game

the boys
cute kassi and eric
for real this time
I heart him!
nosebleeds at the jazz game

awesome game • great win
great family time
turkey and other deliciousness
harry potter
jazz game
sad lakers fans
freezing weather
friend time
the t-shirt game
craft projects
long drive home
what a great thanksgiving weekend

but i am SO glad to be home
where there is NO snow!


Eric and Kassi said...

The pictures turned out way cute! It was a fun weekend!

ericjsmom said...

It was a great weekend. So glad you all got home in one piece. Mike is like the lucky charm for the jazz. He should go to all their games. Love you!